Probable Bird Society  was formed by two North East birders in 2015: with one eye down a scope and the other on design, but always with a tongue wedged in a cheek.

Probable Bird Society was created initially by accident when a silly tweet of two overlapping  wrens became modestly popular on Twitter. The birdy venn diagram (wren diagram, geddit?) made @YOLOBirder wonder if it could be used to raise money for Hen Harrier causes. From this idea spawned Hen Diagram, and the subsequent T-shirt campaign raising over £3000 in profit, all of which went towards protection of these iconic birds through the RSPB Skydancer project and Birders Against Wildlife Crime.

The success of that campaign got us thinking... birds are brilliant. Bird related stuff, not so much.
It seems the default position for any lazy product designer these days is to whack a generic bird silhouette on any old tat and hey, someone will buy it. 

But what if you're a birder and want more than that? 
What if you want a notebook of a Puffin pie-chart? 
Or a Hen Harrier Christmas jumper? And what if you

want to know that some of your hard-earned cash

will be used for bird conservation? 
Then where do you go?
Look no further comrades: Probable Bird Society is for you!